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Sexy shaved tumblr

It's part of who we are. No doubt the Vikings liked their women shaved. In , Bassano de Zra wrote that "The Turks consider it sinful when a woman lets the hair on her private parts grow. The Greeks believed that a smooth, hairless body exemplified youth and beauty. Julius Caesar BC writes that, "The Britons shave every part of their body except their head and upper lip. Even though repressed by the outward morality of the era, it appears pubic shaving never disappeared but instead more appropriately went underground. We'll never know, but you can be sure some prehistoric males were urging them to do so. The modern industrial age saw the rise of such razor manufacturers as Gillette, Schick, and Wilkinson. The habit of depilating started to wane publicly at least during the reign of Catherine de Medici who was then queen of France and something of a religious zealot. The Romans also disapproved of pubic hair; young girls began removing it as soon as the first hair appeared. Not only does flint provide an extremely sharp edge for shaving, it also becomes dull rather quickly, making these the first disposable razors. In "Sexual Life in Ancient Greece" by Hans Licht, the author describes how the Greeks disapproved of women with pubic hair and considered it ugly. A quick scan of Playboy and Penthouse magazines over the last few decades will show that full bushes in the early s trended towards the little or no hair that is common today. She forbade her ladies in waiting to remove their pubic hair any longer; however, it was still widely practiced until the reign of Queen Victoria and the smothering prudishness of the "Victorian Era. The returning Crusaders brought the practice back to Europe. With the availability of cheap, quality razors, the practice of women removing their body hair became more publicly acceptable again. Sexy shaved tumblr

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Sexy shaved tumblr

Sexy shaved tumblr

Sexy shaved tumblr

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  1. To early Egyptians, a smooth and hairless body was the standard of beauty. In fact, armpit shaving was not common until May of when Harper's Bazaar magazine featured a model in a sleeveless evening gown that showed her bare shoulders and hairless armpits. After all, a large portion of the world's population practices it for religious reasons, and another large potion for esthetic and hygienic reasons.

  2. To early Egyptians, a smooth and hairless body was the standard of beauty. It's part of who we are.

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