Dark brown with blonde and red highlights. .

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Fall Hair Color Tutorial - Caramel Blonde Highlights & Violet Red Lowlights

Dark brown with blonde and red highlights

This is a rich red balayage. This look is a dimensional red balayage with big, soft curls. You also need to invest in salon quality shampoo and conditioner I sent my client home with Color Minded by Bumble and Bumble. This look can be worn every day, but also styled to make a statement. A great choice for this look would be a shampoo that contains red pigment in it to keep the color fresh in between salon visits. This look is great on someone with darker hair because it will make the grow out beautiful. Guidance on finding the tones that best suit your skin tone and eye color is key to enhancing your overall look. You want to leave warmth to complement the base color. I loved the end result for her. I love how the different tones compliment her cut to create that perfectly tousled and lived-in look, yet it all still looks fresh and rich with the warmth we added. Tinted shampoo and conditioner can also be used to help the color last longer. Hot water and high-temperature styling irons can also fade your color faster, so for the clients who like to style their hair daily, I recommend a heat protectant spray for styling. Dark brown with blonde and red highlights

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Dark brown with blonde and red highlights

Dark brown with blonde and red highlights

Dark brown with blonde and red highlights

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  1. I also love the placement of the highlights. Red requires a lot of maintenance and can fade very quickly if not properly maintained.

  2. It also easily transitions into the Christmas season! My favorite thing about this look is that it is simple.

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