Geometric rangoli. .

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Geometric Design Drawing Flower//How to draw Flower In circle//Rangoli

Geometric rangoli

The artist might also choose unprocessed materials like seeds, grains, spices, leaves or flower petals to achieve lifelike hues. The materials used are easily found everywhere. Black is used more rarely, since rangolis are used to mark the gaiety of festivals and black is the least auspicious of all colours! The greens and blues, violet and yellows and reds shade in the peacock brings almost all primary colors and even shades of the same. These are auspicious symbols that have a central role in the design. Diwali Square Rangoli: With the same geometrical shapes an abstract patterns they look as pretty as ever. Alikhthap of society apart — separated by different groups — different icons and art media is used. See More: Modern materials like crayons , dyes or dyed fabrics, acrylic paints and artificial colouring agents are also becoming common, allowing for brilliant and vibrant colour choices. Holi Rangoli designs include props like small pots and jars with holi colors within them. Flower Rangoli: Geometric rangoli

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Geometric rangoli

Geometric rangoli

Geometric rangoli

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  1. Cover the center with two large diyas and your job is done. Even grains of different colors such as green grams, black grams, jowar, wheat, sabudana, etc many different grains combine and create a colorful rangoli pattern. Dehri gateway is a tradition of making rangoli.

  2. So during this month, unmarried girls get up before dawn and draw a Rangoli to welcome the god Thirumal.

  3. Once the outline is complete, the artist may choose to illuminate it with colour, again using either wet or dry ingredients like paints, coloured rice-water, gypsum powder, coloured sand or dry pigments. Generally, women get up early in the morning and clean the area just outside the entrance of their houses with cow dung, sprinkle the area with water and draw the Chaook. Dried rice flour or other forms of white dust powder is used for drawing Chaooks.

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