Lithuania girl. Why You Should Date Lithuanian Women.

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Lithuanian Women

Lithuania girl

Not too mention tons of snow and cold temperature. They tend to have delicate face features, let their hair grow out and they have the best hair in the world , and they flaunt their curves. Another great place for approaching is a bookstore or a library. Lithuania is outright depressing in the winter. Still, I believe some places were worth the visit, such as Salento Pub the go to place for foreigners and Disco Buddha. One of the best things about Lithuania is its super-fast Internet that you can get for a very low price. I could literally be walking on the street and thinking to myself, that girl can easily be a model, or that girl, or that girl. Explore it in the early stages of dating Lithuanian women — you will be doing yourself a favour while melting her heart at the same time. Lingering touches, speaking in a low voice and leaning in, even having your hand around her waist as you speak are all great ways to flirt. The majority of women you will find in Vilnius are ethnic Lithuanian girls — although there is an important amount of Russian and Polish blood around because of all the shared history. But does this have to kill your chances of a great relationship with a Lithuanian girl? Make a genuine effort to know her instead of showering her with cheap compliments. Check out the Maverick Mentorship program. Lithuania girl

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Lithuania girl

Lithuania girl

Lithuania girl

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  1. Lithuania is outright depressing in the winter. They even had great burgers and steaks. Although this conservative dating culture is slowly becoming more westernized, it poses a serious obstacle to your objective as a player — namely, banging Lithuanian girls.

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