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Sex in hot shower

There are better ways to get off. My aim is to lower my body temperature to match that of the cold water. The hot-cold-hot-cold cycle is stimulating blood flow throughout the body, flushing impurities and oxygenating the blood. You will see why at the end of this article. For starters, I'm pretty sure everyone who writes a steamy hot shower scene is also a person who has probably never had sex before. And if you do fall, there's likely a carpet or rug or disrobed clothing to soften the blow. We look like drowning rats and again, I don't know your life, but I don't really wanna fuck a rat, drowning or not. One example: When you are ready, step away, change the water to maximum cold, and then get in quickly. I start by spending 5 minutes in the sauna at my local gym, then I exit the sauna and enter the cold shower within 20—30 seconds. As I make my way to work I know I have paid my mind and body the due respect it needs and deserves. But all it takes to correct such a situation is a little scooching over. So flip your mindset so that first "hit" of cold water will be something you look forward to rather than dread. That's one of the coolest facets of sex: Just ask Lance Armstrong and friends who systematically and notoriously took blood transfusions back in the day. If you are standing in front of the shower with a dread and fear of the impending cold, you are viewing it as a negative experience when in truth it is not. Anyway, I wouldn't say the shower isn't useful in getting turned on—fooling around in the shower and washing each other can be a really fun form of foreplay. Sex in hot shower

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Sex in hot shower

Sex in hot shower

Sex in hot shower

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  1. It is terrible and difficult and not worth it. My other hack to lessen the pain of transitioning to a cold shower is a mental hack.

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