How to hook up a keg. Regulator Instructions for Connecting and Operating.

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How to Set Up a Draft Beer Regulator to a CO2 Tank

How to hook up a keg

If the temperature is too warm, the beer will become foamy and go into secondary fermentation. Use the spanner wrench and rubber washer when securing the faucet tap in place for a firm attachment to the kegerator tap tower. Before tapping the keg, you want to give it some time to settle in the kegerator and reach the proper serving temperature. Get a Keg Tap Rental in Los Angeles Now you know everything you need to tap and operate a keg properly, but if you want to make the process a little easier on yourself, we can help. Most kegs contain beer, but we also sell and deliver kegs of wine , cocktails, coffee, nitro cold brew, kombucha, cold pressed juice, and tea — and all the same principles apply no matter the substance. The inlet nut then screws directly into the CO2 air tank. Connect beer line to keg coupler. There are holes on top of the kegerator fridge for the railing to snap into. The right temperature can depend on the style of beer you are serving as some brands are served warmer than others, but the general rule is that beer needs to be between 32 and 38 degrees to stay in its liquid form. Tightening the Faucet Grab the kegerator faucet and faucet wrench usually provided and insert the wrench into the holes on the faucet collar. Adjust the Temperature Depending on the kegerator model you will want to set your kegerator to reach temperatures between 34 and 38 degrees F. Attaching the Coupler Attach the air line red to the angled nipple on the coupler and secure with an air line clamp. If not tight enough, this connection will leak at some point. Open up the air tank. Install top railing. Turn the hand wheel to engage your compressed air tank, and move the shut-off valve at the bottom of the regulator to the ON position, which will mean it is facing downwards, or parallel to the regulator output barb and the air line attached to it. Pour delicious beer! How to hook up a keg

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How to hook up a keg

How to hook up a keg

How to hook up a keg

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  1. You can also screw in from the bottom of the tap handle, while holding it in place so it ends up facing in the desired direction. Step 2:

  2. Tighten down the guardrail with the provided screws, but be careful not to over tighten or you will strip the screws and the guardrail with be loose and unstable. Lever handle couplers require you to pull the handle out before pushing it down or lifting it up. Securing the co2 Tank Place the co2 tank either in its holder on the inside of the kegerator or on the back of the kegerator you might have an air tank holder.

  3. Tightening the Faucet Grab the kegerator faucet and faucet wrench usually provided and insert the wrench into the holes on the faucet collar. Contact us today! No tools needed here, the top railing will easily snap on kegerator.

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