Dating a sikh girl. Questions -Sikh girls and dating / Sikh girls and going outside.

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Dating a sikh girl

Its all about respect and how the family is percieved in the community. Extremely loyal, protective of you, and always can be relied on. Kaur Tuesday, January 8, at I always hear from people, "why are you considering girls from non-religious families? Strongly consider ending it. First of all, "sardar families" are far and few in between in America. I beg to differ. Likes Received: I've always been surrounded by men who wear their turbans with confidence and pride and have never used it as an inhibition. So, I have never been inclined to have a big family as I would like to nurture the few children Guru may bless us with with as much love as we can financially and physically can. If a woman from a very traditional and backward background can transcend with a little bit of loving poking, anyone can. There are times that I prefer to be cooking whilst Sundeep fixes the filing cabinet, but I realise in our own home, we are starting to make new rules. There are many women who are happy to serve the male and be a housewife as the male is the breadwinner. Boys will say they love you, and they might even believe it themselves, but when you are young you do not have a real understanding of what love is- it's all raging hormones and who's got the cutest face Now comment c is not exclusive to my husband. Dating a sikh girl

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Dating a sikh girl

Dating a sikh girl

Dating a sikh girl

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  1. Thank you for writing this article, and once again, major kudos to you and other Sikh men who done their turbans and embrace their dharis with love and pride.

  2. My daughter is marrying a gora sounds bad to parents, my daughter is marrying a gora doctor sounds much much better.

  3. It has perhaps been the greatest gift that I have received from my wife. Yes, there are exceptions. I urge men to recognise and appreciate that she works hard too.

  4. This was just so that they can show off in the society that they got a girl from a similar background and to more so to keep them happy. I am sure that there will be many posts after mine claiming that my assertion is false. I've always been surrounded by men who wear their turbans with confidence and pride and have never used it as an inhibition.

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