Frontosa tankmates. Best Tank Mates For Frontosa.

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Frontosa tankmates

The blue cichlid body color can vary between grey blue and grey white, also there is a black colored type of frontosa fish. Ask around what others keep, you may be surprised what works for them in spacious living quarters. Any other fish that enjoys a high protein diet, is not too hyper, and is not too small for the frontosa to eat will make a good tankmate. The fish inhabits almost trough all Lake Tanganyika but they always prefer depth about meters, which is rather deep in the water. You may be rewarded with a colorful and healthy aquarium. The body upper part and nape are opalescent. Blue frontosa inhabits in Lake Tanganyika in Africa where the fish is rather spread. That is, if adequate space is provided. Moori blue dolphin , P. This fact made blue zaire frontosa fishing not such an easy task, therefore during several years the fish was rather rare and expensive. Nord Congo — the body color is pale blue with 5 vertical bands, the 6th one goes from the forehead along the fish eye to the opercle insertions. Dorsal and fluke membranes are yellowish. Also the fish is rather demanding as for the feed quality. The vertical bands are white or white and blue. Frontosa tankmates

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Frontosa tankmates

Frontosa tankmates

Frontosa tankmates

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  1. Blue Sambia — the head and fins are blue, the bands on the body are light colored set off with blue. Blue Mpimbwe — its head and fins are blue, besides with aging the color becomes more saturated and bright. The mature zaire blue frontosa male dorsal and pectoral fin have kind of stings at their ends.

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