Names for female body parts. 59 Unfortunate Nicknames for Female Anatomy We Should Ditch From Our Vocabulary.

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Parts Of The Body in English - Human Body Parts Names for Kids

Names for female body parts

Breasts A girl's breasts are part of her reproductive system because they will provide breast milk if she has a baby. The female reproductive system has both outside and inside parts. Still, plenty of examples exist where describing something in a certain way changes our perception of it. The word cervix means "neck" in Latin. Getting married, therefore, was the cure. But perhaps people should be encouraged to create the language they need. After all, until the last century, women were almost excluded from academic medicine. Urethra The urethra is the small opening where urine pee comes out of the body. Links to more information about your body. The outside lips are thicker folds of skin that come together and hide the rest of the vulva. If the egg is fertilized it moves down the tube and attaches itself to the inside of the uterus. View image of Glands located just outside of the vaginal opening are named after Bartholin the Younger One problem, says Lera Boroditsky, associate professor of cognitive science at UCSD, is that eponyms perpetuate the notion that advances are made by one individual — rather than the long collaborative process central to the process of scientific discovery. It is the part of the reproductive system the part of the body that allows a woman to get pregnant and have a baby. Do you have an experience to share? As for anatomical terminology that has patriarchal residue, Boroditsky says: Cervix The cervix is the narrow part of the uterus that is connected to the vagina inside a girl's body. Names for female body parts

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Names for female body parts

Names for female body parts

Names for female body parts

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  1. A girl's breasts are sensitive and when they are touched they can give her pleasurable sexual feelings.

  2. The wide end of the fallopian tubes wraps partway around each ovary but does not attach to it. The vagina connects a girl's outer sex organs to her internal sex organs.

  3. Some women's inner lips stick out between their outer lips. The word cervix means "neck" in Latin. Just like everything else, the clitoris can vary a lot in size.

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