Prayers of blessings for adults. Prayer for Overflowing Blessings.

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Prayers of blessings for adults

Invite God to do something incredibly powerful in each situation that you bring to Him: Amen The Greatest Blessing - Jesus Our dear heavenly Father, may Your name be glorified for You alone are worthy, for You looked down on our pitiful race and chose to give Your only Beloved Son to be the perfect sacrifice to pay the price for my sins and those of the whole world. Teach us, hear our prayers and enable us for service wherever you might take us, to your praise and glory. Protect those we love and bring us we pray into Your kingdom in Your time and in Your way for we thank You that our times are safe in Your hands.. Help me to surrender all I am to you, my fatigue, my concerns, my hopes and fears. Blessing of the Lord Bless us with love, joy, peace and happiness. Lord, to You the darkness shines as bright as the day. Enfold us in your love, and empower our worship that your name might be glorified in this place and in our lives. We worship and adore You and we bless Your holy name for ever and ever and ever, AMEN How blessed is everyone that trusts in You — to You and You alone be all blessing and honour, glory, might, majesty and power - for Your loving-kindness is better than life itself. We meet together in the presence of a God whose love is freedom, whose touch is healing, whose voice is calm. Our attitude should be one of implicit confidence that He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us. May I grow more and more to be like You and guide and teach me in all that I say and do that I may do all according to Your will. We bless and thank You for choosing us before the foundation of the world to become Your children and joint-heirs with Christ Jesus our Lord — and have set us apart to be holy and blameless before You all the days of our lives. Prayers of blessings for adults

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Prayers of blessings for adults

Prayers of blessings for adults

Prayers of blessings for adults

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  1. Bless us, with what you know is truly best for us. Bless us spiritually, financially and also with good health. Thank You that at the end of the day Your love continues to support me to guard and protect during the dark hours of the night.

  2. Forgive me I pray if I have said or done anything that was not honouring to Your name or have sought to do things in my own strength rather than relying totally on You — for I praise You that Your grace is sufficient for Your strength is perfected in our weakness. Grant me the aptitude to instantly perceive the source of all supernatural occurrences.

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