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The scottish sun address

I hope not. The value of these 2. But she said: So, how to address the lack of coverage? The result is that the paper achieves high penetration levels - 35 per cent - within its circulation region. You have always needed to get an image to secure the best show for a story. The newspaper said that only his party could keep the economy on track, "stop the SNP running the country" and guarantee an EU referendum. Do all stories need a visual to get success in the hard copy paper and on the website? In fact, what we have now is a whole new army of readers. Yet coverage of the sport at club level remains depressingly small, virtually non-existent in some instances of the national press. And with the Scottish edition of the Sun doing everything it can to talk up Sturgeon so desperate is the Digger to see Labour fail , why indeed bite the hand that is feeding her? The Scotsman The Scotsman has a circulation of 97, and a readership of , spread throughout the country - which at first glance lends credence to its claim that it is Scotland's only pan-Scottish quality daily. In a time when many would argue that newspapers are no longer relevant — do you see this as a sign that there is still a place for the traditional print newspaper? It really is that simple. Do you think there is a over-reliance on web-manufactured stories, i. Nor can a single newspaper deliver the same number of readers in the other main towns of Aberdeen and Dundee. Maybe I could develop an app! The scottish sun address

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The scottish sun address

The scottish sun address

The scottish sun address

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