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Seaxy girl photo

She looks nothing less than a mermaid in the picture above, that was taken at St Barths in France. One look at her Instagram page Inspired much? And sometimes, she even takes to yoga to keep herself in shape. In one of her interviews with Elle, she said, "Dream food day, hmm She is one hot covergirl Photograph: Take a look! There is so much still to be done. Don't you think she has the perfect bikini body? There is no doubting that she's one hell of a beautiful woman! But what makes Stella the supermodel of the moment is her super sensuous looks and drop dead sexy lithe frame. Seaxy girl photo

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Seaxy girl photo

Seaxy girl photo

Seaxy girl photo

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  1. A photographer's delight Photograph: Photographer's blog: No wonder why she is the postergirl for top end glamour magazines.

  2. Speaking about her achievement in an interview with Maxim, Stella said, "Twenty-five feels like the beginning. Don't you think she has the perfect bikini body?

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