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World of Tanks - Top 5 Tier X Tank Destroyers for Patch 9.13 - Tier List

World of tanks tier list

This gives the tank great flanking capability, making it an interesting choice at this tier. Supports are typically weak and easily punished by heroes like Genji and Doomfist. You'll find you are slower than other light tanks of your tier and your primary weapon will require an upgrade from the 37 mm APX SA18 to the much more powerful 37 mm SA Tier 2 Hotchkiss H35 The H35 boasts something that no other light tank at this tier does -- great armor. During its transfer to Blitz, the Foch lost its famous autoloader and was replaced by an extremely mediocre gun. This doesn't mean it is without flaws -- as one of the largest tanks of the tier, you are easy to spot and a magnet for artillery fire. However, it has plenty of weak spots, and is incredibly inflexible. Its mostly hampered down by a lack of turret. One line Wespe Line features accuracy and range over damage, whilst the other line Bison Line , favors more damage and Gun Elevation 75 at the cost of range and ammo capacity. The pen is also bad. Honorable mention goes to the T, which is an equally powerful choice, but is only available in the cash shop. While it does not boast the highest damage, it makes up for that by repelling most attacks at or below its tier. The firepower is nothing to scoff at, capable of dishing out some of the highest damage per minute of any tank in the game. World of tanks tier list

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World of tanks tier list

World of tanks tier list

World of tanks tier list

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  1. This can lead to frustration when you are trying to learn how to properly position yourself in combat, only to be flanked and gunned down by more experienced players using your same tank. Same as C tier.

  2. While the hull is decent, the turret armor is pretty weak. They may not have as much firepower as their counterparts, but are unmatched in their accuracy. World of Tanks has a whopping 61 tier 10 tanks currently in the game, and I don't know how many people are willing to rank all 61 of them, so to make things easier I am instead asking people to rank the vehicles in each class, and then pick the best 10 and worst 10 vehicles overall you don't have to rank the rest.

  3. You'll find that with practice you can destroy any other Tier 3 tank with ease. Supports are typically weak and easily punished by heroes like Genji and Doomfist.

  4. The gun is decent, but limited by the few degrees of turret traverse. However, its campy nature, similar to TDs, give it a lower winrate than the Obj. TDs are spread all over the tier list.

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