All stories in urdu. ‘What lies beyond the fog?’ A variety never seen before in a collection of Urdu stories.

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All stories in urdu

In contemporary times this volume is significant because it opens up a world that many of us may never have an access to because of a language barrier. Myriad themes And yet, to say that the collection is caught up with merely Muslims would be quite wrong. This is what happened to me with Urdu literature. My grandfather was a professor of History, deeply entrenched in his university life. She was a devoted mother and an introverted housewife by day. And these Urdu stories seem to reach out beyond the veil to touch upon something that lies just beyond the everyday grasp of all South Asians. Join The Discussion. Altogether, he identifies the two tendencies, of the didactic-social impulse and the individualist impulse, that the short story form attains in Urdu. The stories in this volume are not limited to male writers or perspectives. Of Fists and Rubs by Chughtai examines the terrain of illegal abortions. Reading the book in Delhi today carries so many other resonances, when the memory of before and the expectation of after the smog get hazy. The collection heads towards its conclusion, like life, with scenes of death. But Memon is also a scholar, and, in between the ferozi cover and the stories, he gives us an immensely informative history of the Urdu short story as a modern genre by way of an introduction, discussing writers and trends spread over the last two centuries. The irony is not lost. All stories in urdu

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All stories in urdu

All stories in urdu

All stories in urdu

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  1. And with it, the frustration at my own deplorable Urdu reading skills, which ensured I could read a page if I concentrated hard, but never use to fluidly read books one after the other. Barring a few, I mostly failed.

  2. The 25 stories cover a range of themes concentrated both on the self and the world, including sexuality, identity, religion, nationalism and Partition. We welcome your comments at letters scroll.

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