Circumcised masterbation. Are circumcised men less likely to masturbate?.

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Circumcised masterbation

The fact that circumcision as a remedy for masturbation was not mentioned in absolutely every medical text from the period proves nothing. He claimed that the foreskin prevented semen from reaching the vagina and so should be done as a way to increase the nation's population. Colossians 3: In South Korea , circumcision was largely unknown before the establishment of the United States trusteeship in and the spread of American influence. Manitoba was the final province to delist non-therapeutic circumcision, which occurred in Its history, psychology and ethnology, New York, Ethnological Press, , The irritation which is caused by the inflammation of the distal part of the [uncut] penis leads to erection and release through ejaculation, to enuresis, to onanism and pederasty with their psycho-pathological reactions, and finally to moral crimes. Letter from a Jewish surgeon, Lancet, 12 December , p. Revival in the English-speaking world[ edit ] Although negative attitudes prevailed for much of the 19th century, this began to change in the latter part of the century, especially in the English-speaking world. I am thinking of being circumcised, seriously considering this in order to stop or reduce masturbation. The original reason for the surgical removal of the foreskin, or prepuce, was to control 'masturbatory insanity' — the range of mental disorders that people believed were caused by the 'polluting' practice of 'self-abuse. A law was recently introduced requiring initiation schools to be licensed and only allowing circumcisions to be performed on youths aged 18 and older. Robert Darby, A Surgical Temptation: Circumcised masterbation

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Circumcised masterbation

Circumcised masterbation

Circumcised masterbation

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  1. Circumcision greatly decreases the desire to masturbate as the sensitive nerve endings are cut. The entry explained that "in recent years the medical profession has been responsible for its considerable extension among other than Jewish children Previously active, intelligent and healthy.

  2. Circumcision is usually advised on these grounds. Jonathan Hutchinson , English surgeon and pathologist — , and many others, thought this was the main reason why it should be excised.

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