When a boy cries for a girl. .

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Girl cries like a supercar (original)

When a boy cries for a girl

Years ago, before I had ever really thought about any of these things, I broke up with my boyfriend and he completely broke down in tears. I could see that she was serious and I couldn't allow that. We had good chemistry and she started calling me her best friend. From then all the way through high school I valued my male friendships much more than I did my female ones. And grief , and joy , and all of them. These years of emotional constipation turned me into a suppressed, irritable shell of a person. When you cry, I trust my heart with you. I found myself on my knees on the patio, tears running down my cheeks, then hot snot over my mouth and chin. Hey its m again. I trust that you will be honest with me about how you are feeling and in your capacity to love me with your whole heart. And yes I can see this is love. At the end of the day we all want to feel seen, heard, understood and loved for all that we are. Everyone is continually growing in their ability to process their experiences and enjoy life to the fullest. Whoever you are, losing someone you love hurts. When a boy cries for a girl

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When a boy cries for a girl

When a boy cries for a girl

When a boy cries for a girl

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  1. Ultimately, I hope my partner will grow to trust all emotions are safe in my presence and by experiencing them in front of each other, we can help lighten the emotional load we carry throughout the rest of life. I have always felt deeply and had big emotions, which I have definitely sub-consciously associated with being a woman. Anonymous said

  2. Each time we've been out we drink but that day we went way over, got kicked out and she left with a guy but says nothing happened.

  3. It was as if I had been gifted access to an extra special layer of their being and was able to understand who they were at the core, so much more.

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