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The Worst Things About A Pool Party!

Teen sex in pool

People were wary of him when he was in a bad mood. With good reason because he can hit very hard and fast. My orgasm hit me so fast and hard with no warning. If found posted anywhere other than Lushstories. I had never had sex before and I didn't know how to tell him. I hastily laid down on the lawn chair and beckoned him with my fingers and body. I could hear his balls slap against me every time he would push deep inside me. He could so easily get my temper up. I wasted no time baring myself naked by getting rid of my work clothes. It had already fallen dark, and the warm and sticky air was a sure sign of an approaching storm. I arched up and screamed as my pussy grabbed his cock his cock and milked it for everything it was worth. I trembled at the sight of it. As I arched my hips he slid one finger so deep in me and started fingering me hard. I find the feeling of the cold water rushing over my skin is so soothing! He thrust down hard in me and ground his pelvis against me getting his cock in my pussy as far and deep as it would go. Breathing my scent. Teen sex in pool

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Teen sex in pool

Teen sex in pool

Teen sex in pool

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  1. My pussy was squeezing his fingers so tight. His lips on mine felt so warm and he tasted so delicious!

  2. I held my breath, closed my eyes, lifted myself on my toes, and threw myself in the air. Breathing my scent. I wasted no time baring myself naked by getting rid of my work clothes.

  3. He moved his cock so fast in me. I was going to cum on his jeans any second. I wondered if he could smell my feminine smell from my hot center.

  4. I could feel all my muscles release the tension and achiness from a stressful day. He kissed me so hard and passionately I thought I would melt right into him.

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