Curl activator before and after. Ag Hair Cosmetics AG Hair Recoil 6-ounce Curl Activator.

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Curl activator before and after

If for some reason you have been looking for something to use as an Activator or say for a leave in product to enhance your curls, control frizz, pick up your curls, define annnndddd something that keeps your hair moisturzied while doing all this, then Cantu Curl Activator Cream is THE product to go for. I loved the consistency - it was easy to smooth over my hands and distribute through the hair. Want more styling methods to try? Curl Factor: I like to use it in the same way as conditioner. You can see that here in my Day 2 Kodaikanal pics. Stearalkonium Chloride is a conditioning agent. Rub my palms together to spread the product and finger rake downwards, starting from just below the root and down to the ends - slightly squeezing the product between my hair and my fingers. Because, no matter how great it is, the scent is the overwhelming factor. Can be grazed on dry hair and it controls frizz and adds definition. Curl activator before and after

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Curl activator before and after

Curl activator before and after

Curl activator before and after

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  1. This smells like a beachy fruit mocktail and if it was normal and not harmful to eat your own hair I probably would. This extra-strong hold hairspray that comes out in a quick dry mist so it won't weigh down your hair. This formula reminds me of the inside of a McDs apple pie without the chunks of apple and had to be applied to soaking wet hair in small sections so it was a bit time-consuming and messy.

  2. This ceramic curling wand that'll leave your hair with perfectly smooth, silky curls filled with luster.

  3. Do note that in the rare chance that you are sensitive to coconut in your hair products, this will not suit you.

  4. I loved my curls - they were super cute, defined and had minimum frizz. Throughout the year we have social media call outs looking for Cantu lovers to join our crew. You can see that here in my Day 2 Kodaikanal pics.

  5. The more I played with my hairstyle, the frizzer it got, which is a given for most Afro styles, but it just kind of frizzed out of the curls, sadly. Use a T shirt to plop. Do note that this is also exactly what can make it too heavy for some hair types.

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