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Hindi gand

Shakuni's sister was the wife of the Kuru king Dhritarashtra and was known as Gandhari. King Pushkarasakti was engaged in power struggles against his local rivals. Some of these buildings are still in good condition in the Salt Range of the Punjab. However, there are no contemporary Indian records of Chandragupta Maurya and almost all that is known is based on the diaries of Megasthenes , the ambassador of Seleucus at Pataliputra, as recorded by Arrian in his Indika. During Ramayana time King Nagnajit 1 who was a contemporary of Lord Rama was defeated and killed by Rama's brother Bharata and Bharata's 1st son Taksha established Takshasila Taxila in Gandhara Kingdom on the banks of river Sindhu and Pushkara established Pushkaravati or Purushapura Pushkar in Gandharva tribe on the banks of river Saraswati after defeating and killing its king Sailusha who was the father-in-law of Vibhishana. The Assakenoi fought bravely and offered stubborn resistance to Alexander and his army in the cities of Ora, Bazira Barikot and Massaga. God be merciful to both father and son! The most famous king of the Sakas, Maues , established himself in Gandhara. Later, wars between different groups of Bactrian Greeks resulted in the independence of Gandhara from Bactria and the formation of the Indo-Greek kingdom. The present status of this bowl is unknown. Hindi gand

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Hindi gand

Hindi gand

Hindi gand

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  1. Alexander attacking king Porus on his elephant. The expeditions of Alexander were recorded by his court historians and by Arrian around AD in his Anabasis Alexandri and by other chroniclers many centuries after the event.

  2. In the 19th century, British soldiers and administrators started taking an interest in the ancient history of the Indian Subcontinent. Ashoka , the grandson of Chandragupta, was one of the greatest Indian rulers. He recorded some events that took place in Gandhara, and provided details about its last royal dynasty and capital Udabhandapura.

  3. However, a language shift occurred as the ancient Gandharan culture gave way to Iranian invaders from Central Asia. With the completion of the Empire's Grand Trunk Road, the region prospered as a center of trade. Gandhara was ruled from Kabul by Kabulshahi for next years.

  4. King Darius I of the Achaemenid Empire took advantage of the opportunity and planned for an invasion.

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