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Tyson (Movie) 1995

Tyson imdb

Was this review helpful to you? He was a terrible husband, but he has a woman who has been a wonderful mother to his children, and he dreams of being a grandfather. He doesn't pull any punches. So when I saw it was one of the films to be screened at this year's Melbourne Film Festival, I made damn sure I got a ticket. And the film has more lurid material and scandalous behavior, brawls, a battle with Don King, cannibalistic threats to an opponent. One can't say. His status as a legend in my mind was still intact and he's still the greatest, fiercest fighter of my lifetime. This is as close as you could get to seeing the world from Mike Tyson's point of view. He floored one opponent in just eight seconds! Chris Knipp 25 May To make a great documentary you must find a fascinating subject and follow it wherever it takes you. Tyson imdb

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Tyson imdb

Tyson imdb

Tyson imdb

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  1. But for boxing ignoramus like myself, scrutinize as I may the many early fights in which Tyson stages a knockdown right away and wins the fight, I can't see how he does it. Mike Tyson has the monumental sculptured features of some giant Pacific atoll tiki figure and he also looks like a thug. Chris Knipp 25 May To make a great documentary you must find a fascinating subject and follow it wherever it takes you.

  2. You have to pay close attention as many of his fights are shown on a split screen, so when one image fades, another immediately takes its place.

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