Black girl hairstyles with bangs. 10 New Black Hairstyles with Bangs.

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40 Best black hairstyles with bangs

Black girl hairstyles with bangs

To get Zooey Deschanel's hairstyle, start by applying volumizing mousse to your hair from root to tip. Curve the iron as you go to add a slight bend, so hair isn't stick-straight. It is classy on straight hair. To get Rooney Mara's hairstyle, brush all of your hair up into bun, and secure it with an elastic. Wrap your bangs around a round brush and blow dry them to give them lift and body. Use a soft bristle brush to smooth the sides of your hair as you go. Secure your hair into a tight, low ponytail, and then divide your ponytail ends into two sections. Use a flat iron on the ends and lay them over your ear. Wrap your bangs around the round brush and blow dry them to the side to flip them out. For bangs, make sure not to lift too much when drying, you don't want them to bubble over your forehead. Black girl hairstyles with bangs

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Black girl hairstyles with bangs

Black girl hairstyles with bangs

Black girl hairstyles with bangs

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  1. If you have a large forehead, it can be an effective solution to hide your imperfections. Ashlee Simpson Medium, Black, Shag Hairstyle Ashlee Simpson's 'do looks sexy and edgy thanks to fringy defined ends and heavy side-swept bangs. Then flat iron your hair in sections from roots to tips.

  2. Once your hair is dry, flat iron all of your hair straight. Wrap your bangs around the brush and blow dry them to give them some lift.

  3. Use styling wax to add texture and spike up the bangs. Bang ok, but on what types of faces?

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