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Holly manning gagged

She twists seductively in a chair as the camera fires shot after shot! Willowy beauty's in the throes of a nightmare, one whose nature emerges when KENNA JAMES kicks free of her covers to reveal her nighty-clad torso and long legs tautly coiled with tan rope; a white cleave-gag's tied between her lips! Their torsos coiled with rope and mouths covered with microfoam tape! But since a helpful colleague has roped Lena to a chair in her bra and panties and gagged her with microfoam tape, Kristen's free to be mean to her towering rival! That's the sight confronting petite IVY JONES, who will soon be struggling bound and gagged next to Charlotte; it's a dynamic pairing replete with expressive eyes, compelling whimpers, flowing hair, skimpy dresses and sandalled bare feet! Gagged with duct-tape and tied down on the black frame with her legs spread, she contorts with desperate futility! Her mouth stuffed with cloth before sealed it in place with duct tape! After he binds her hand and foot with duct-tape and gags her with more of the same, he prowls her apartment while Holly rolls around on her bed in a desperate attempt to free herself! And new titles at Bound and Gagged TV! Holly's warned in no uncertain terms to bite down on the small plastic device and retain it in her mouth or face dire consequences! Holly manning gagged

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Holly manning gagged

Holly manning gagged

Holly manning gagged

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