Trust and communication in marriage. Trust in Marriage: How to Build or Rebuild Trust with Your Spouse (with 2 Proven Steps).

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How to Share and Trust Your Spouse

Trust and communication in marriage

We use communication as a medium to share information, needs, concerns, and feelings with each other. There are plenty of nonverbal cues similar to a closed off posture that are communicating either negatively or positively to your partner without any words being exchanged. Again, Dr. Miller and Perlman explains that self-disclosure that fits the situation could lead to liking and contentment in close relationship. Closing yourself off, covering your mouth when you speak, and making negative facial expressions are red flags to the observant eye. The way a married couple discusses their issues, or if they discuss anything at all, is crucial to a sustained and fulfilling marriage. The biggest things to remember are: Retrieved on March 15, , from https: In order for us to feel safe enough to bare our souls to each other, to be naked not just in a physical, but an emotional way with our spouse, you must be able to trust them. There is no replacement for wisdom, and the more you exercise wisdom and listen to the Holy Spirit, the stronger and better it will guide you. To say the least it can be a major pivot in de-escalating a lot of conflicting situations. It will take time. When building, or rebuilding trust in your marriage, you each need to see that the other is being honest and is trustworthy all the time. It will demonstrate that the relationship is important to you and that you are willing to involve yourself fully in this act of communication. Psych Central. All rights reserved. Trust and communication in marriage

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Trust and communication in marriage

Trust and communication in marriage

Trust and communication in marriage

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  1. We hurt each other in the process unintentionally. Also, physical contact with your spouse can have meaning,for example, your touch shows closeness and affection.

  2. That open and honest verbal communication will become an investment with a vast return as the years go by.

  3. To work towards this full involvement you should: If you found yourself in a crowded public place and began to ask strangers what they felt the most important factor of a marriage was…what do you think they would say? If you can communicate honestly, your marriage has a good chance of being happy and healthy.

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