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Strengthen dedicated prosecutorial and police units through increased resources and training, including for victim treatment. Data collection on human trafficking remained problematic. In the area of protection, the Costa Rican government maintained efforts to identify and assist foreign trafficking victims during the year, though access to specialized services, including shelters, remained inadequate, particularly in light of significant internal child sex trafficking. Costa Rica Authorities reported investigating over 50 potential trafficking cases during the reporting period but did not report how many trafficking cases were prosecuted. In all of these, Costa Rica figures prominently. The non-governmental group Casa Alianza, with offices in Mexico and four Central American countries, has expressed deep concern about the increase in trafficking of foreign women who are brought into the country to work in the sex trade. Authorities noticed an increase in adults using children for drug trafficking. In comparison, there was one sex trafficking conviction in Ensure that cases of trafficking not involving movement are investigated and prosecuted and that Costa Rican victims of human trafficking receive appropriate services. The report finds that The Government of Costa Rica does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking, although it is making significant efforts to do so. Authorities conducted awareness campaigns, often in partnership with civil society organizations, particularly targeting youth. She also pointed out that banning adult prostitution in Costa Rica could be counterproductive, as doing so would mean the exclusion of women sex workers from the public health system, which could in turn mean the further spread of venereal diseases. The government also granted temporary residency status, with permission to work, to eight foreign victims in , and reported providing some employment assistance to foreign victims during the year. The State Department report says that Costa Rica continued to investigate potential trafficking cases and achieved the first convictions for forced labour, but efforts to prosecute and convict trafficking offenders were inadequate, as was data collection. Costaricasex

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  1. But enforcement remains weak — largely due to lack of personnel and lack of funding. Strengthen dedicated prosecutorial and police units through increased resources and training, including for victim treatment. But if an adult woman in Costa Rica wants to work in the sex trade on her own, the activity is permitted under law.

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