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Barenaked Ladies: "One Week" - Goodnight Gracie's Royal Oak, MI 8-10-2010

Goodnight gracie royal oak

I uh,, I'm back in Royal Oak. It's always super busy and kind of hard to get a seat at. It's connected to another restaurant that is a little more chill so if you're not looking for loud music then it's good. No comments, no hi, no I'll be right there. Too bad. I try a coffee martini anywhere they have them, and this one is a winner for sure. When I recently came here I also tried the Sunburn, which has flavors of pineapple, banana and coconut, since it was a happy hour special. Overall a good atmosphere and experience! I didn't know that Goodnite Gracie is a bar within D'Amatos so before going to Goodnite, we went to BSpot which was delicious , but the food that the other patron's ordered from D'Amato's smelled so good! I would highly recommend. I know crabcakes and these people made the best crab cakes that I've tasted in a long time Goodnight gracie royal oak

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Goodnight gracie royal oak

Goodnight gracie royal oak

Goodnight gracie royal oak

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  1. It's more of a place to have a cocktail, listen to music, and hang out with friends than a dancing destination. On the weekend they often have a dj.

  2. For that, I will definitely return. They deserved 5 stars before. The service, employees and happy hour was top notch.

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