Sexy heart tattoo. 18 Heart Tattoo Designs for Girls.

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Sexy heart tattoo

The tattoo looks absolutely creative and stunning. These hands could be squashing this heart, or they could be getting ready to gently catch the heart like a firefly. A small red heart tattoo on the back of the neck. This heart looks like it is from royalty because it has flowers all surrounding it and it is done in a more the Victorian style. This is a clean tattoo that was done well. Heart finger tattoo The finger is as popular place as any other body part and the small red heart tattoo design you are looking at right now, is cool and easy on the eyes. A small and sexy tattoo in a place that can only be seen most likely if you were getting personal with this person. With in this small heart, is a ton of detail. The upper thigh would be very painful but well worth it. Starry heart tattoo design The heart tattoo is very colourful and looks cute with lots of shiny and bright stars filling the heart. This makes the tattoo look sexy like never before. Tiny heart tattoo The neck or the back of it has always been a favorite place to ink a tattoo and the heart is not left behind in this race. Not only is the bright blue a great addition but the slight shavings of blue throughout the entire heart is extremely clever and well-placed. With the flowers blooming out of the heart it can often times symbolize growth. The black and gray shading on this tattoo is perfectly done in the veins and arteries look as if they should have blood pumping through them right now. Every once in a while you see a tattoo that really inspires you and begins to make you think. Sexy heart tattoo

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Sexy heart tattoo

Sexy heart tattoo

Sexy heart tattoo

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  1. As you scroll, which one stands out most to you? The realistic heart tattoo is almost acting as a flower vase. Be warned, not the bottom of the foot is a very painful spot to get a tattoo and it will probably wear off in a couple of years because of the amount of skin that is shed on that part of the body.

  2. Heart with wings tattoo The heart with wings tattoo looks elegant in every sense of the term and is inked on the lower back which is the most favored place for getting motifs inked. The unique point of this design is the way the wordings have been inked to look like a heart. It is simply creative and is a rare design.

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