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Moseley, H. Shillito, C. Mussel life cycle: The white clouds in the water are sperm. Photo courtesy of Shawn M. Arellano I have a dirty secret: The mussels I studied required the same things some of you may like to get in the mood—a good meal and an intoxicant No, not oysters and red wine. My focus,though, has not been on the sex act itself, but on the products of invertebrate love; specifically, the babies of the mussel Bathymodiolus childressi, a fabulous chemosynthetic mussel living at the cold-seeps in the Gulf of Mexico, including the famous Brine Pool insert David Attenborough voiceover here: I am a mussel sex voyeur. Pradillon, F. References and Notes: In fact, a common way to induce spawning in invertebrates is to stress them out—a quick trip from the depths of the ocean to the deck of a ship may just do the trick. Plus, a December spawning season sure can ruin your Christmas break! Sexvoyeur

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  1. Yes, seasonality does exist in the deep sea. This may not seem like a big problem, but in practice ship schedules and the seasonal cycles of deep-sea animals do not always line up. Share the post "I have a dirty secret:

  2. The mussels I studied required the same things some of you may like to get in the mood—a good meal and an intoxicant No, not oysters and red wine.

  3. Inducing metamorphosis and settlement can be difficult for cultured larvae of even shallow-water inverts. Young and K.

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